Salsa Fairfield – Learn Salsa

Salsa dance classes in Fairfield  at  Mt Pritchard. With Locations at Castle Hill,

There is plenty of parking at the club and it has a fantastic wooden sprung dancefloor- come along and join the fun!!

Salsa Dance Classes for  Beginners in Fairfield!

About the Dance

Salsa is the most popular of all Latin styles.

Salsa has had many influences but originated in New York as the result of the mixture of Cuban music and Latin Jazz in the 1940′s and 1950′s. Salsa has had many influences from countries such as Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela, New York as well as elements of Afro-Cuban and Afro- Caribbean mucsic and dance.
Salsa evolved from earlier dance forms such as Cha Cha and Mambo which were popular in New York. It incorporated elements of Swing dancing and Hustle such as Guaguanco and Pachanga.
Salsa is a partner dance and consists of a 4/4 beat or rythym, with a pattern  of six steps danced
over the eight counts of music.
It can be danced ON2 (New York style), but it is commonly danced ON1 (LA Style) in most clubs and dance schools

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Learn to have fun with dancing

Salsa dance lessons are on in Rosehill, Penrtith, Castle Hill and Liverpool. We have three levels of Salsa Beginner classes at 8pm & our Intermediate/ advance Salsa classes are on at 7pm.

After the lesson you are invited to practice those moves in a fun environment as part of our social night. Whether you’re a regular at our salsa dance classes at Mounties or it’s your first class in ,Parramatta, Penrith or Castle Hill – the most important thing to remember is that salsa is meant to be enjoyable!

For the first timers it is always advisable to practice straight after the class as once you leave you tend to forget what you have learnt! The more practice you do – the quicker you will progress to the next level.

Then once a month you can practice those steps in our Social night where you will get to meet students from all our venues- it’s fun & interactive night!.

What You Should Know About Our Salsa Dance Classes in Fairfield

When you attend Salsa dance classes at our Rosehill, Liverpool, Penrith, or Castle Hill you probably have a few questions regarding your first salsa dance lessons. Most of them may have to do with what you should be wearing for your salsa dance lessons in Sydney. Here are some answers for what to wear for what to wear for your salsa dance classes.

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What to wear?

Most people come after work or in casual wear eg- jeans ect. However, its best that you wear shoes that you can spin and turn on and that are comfortable.

It’s best not to wear joggers or sneakers as it tends to grip the surface and restricts your movement. Most people come in casual wear eg- jeans ect.

Personal Hygiene is always a priority as you are sweating & working out- so a good deodorant spray is a must! To find out more about our Salsa dance classes in Liverpool – including Penrirth, Castle Hill